Audiovisual Production

How to understand Audiovisual Production?

The art of imagine, schematize and put an idea in movement it’s known as audiovisual production, as it is the case of the cinema or the television responding to a support: film, digital video. It also seeks to be located within a genre: documentary, advertising; trying to cover needs of industry, entertainment, cultural and artistic.

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Phases of audiovisual production

Do you know the phases which a video goes through? See how to improve your videos production.

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It is the most important phase in audiovisual production, it is structured what will happen in each moment of the video or film. The pre-production of a video goes from the artistic style that will lead to the budget, platforms and environment that will be involved in it.

In summary it is the exact planning work of what your video will be.

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In the production of a video or film the ideas and decisions evaluated during the pre-production are exposed, executed and become reality. In this phase of the audiovisual process guidelines and order are given to all the elements involved in the video, such as sound, stage, lighting, clothing, etc.

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Finally, the last phase of audiovisual production is the task of the filmmakers and directors, who are in charge of evaluating and selecting the different clips and passing them through edition. The editing process seeks to improve the final result of the different recorded videos: music, special effects, audio coordination and clips etc.

Types of Production

If you’re interested in audiovisual production, here are some of its main types to use it as a guide for your next videos.



One of the most predominant audiovisual production types are the documentaries. These are videos based on real images, recorded and stacked in order to tell a story. The depth, theme and duration of a documentary clearly depend on the director’s purpose.

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Streaming it’s about a live video, a type of audiovisual production much more immediate adapted to today’s social needs. With elements as simple as a camera and connection to the web, the broadcast of any live event begins.

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This format it’s known as TV serie, this audiovisual production variation it is composed  by episodes that follows a linear argument or the same dynamic. It also has different versions within this format, one of the most known is Sitcom, for example Friends.

The Best Audiovisual Producers

Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling

The audiovisual producer, Aaron Spelling was a known for a large number of successful series and movies worldwide as Playhouse 90, Charlie’s angels, and others. At 50’s he collaborated with Powell’s Four Star Production, where he forged his career full of success, with more than 14 television projects.

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is a director and producer known in the big screen. He’s considered the Hollywood’s creator and has more than 40 years of career. Within his productions we find: Madagascar, Cast Away, Men in Black, Jurassic Park; es un director y productor reconocido en la gran pantalla. Es considerado el creador de Hollywood y cuenta con más de 40 años de carrera. Dentro de sus producciones encontramos: Madagascar, El Náufrago, Men in Black, Jurassic Park; on the other hand Fenomenoide, Pinky and Brain, Animaniacs, Gladiator, among others.

James L. Brooks

James L. Brooks

The legendary film director James Brooks, American producer and creator of the phenomena of The Simpsons, a great success of the small screen in 1989, and which is still present in the market of young people as adults. James and The Simpsons have been awarded numerous prizes, including: more than 20 Emmys, Annie and a Peabody.

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