Know about us

Know about what pushes us to create this initiative to the world’s artists.

About ArtCommunity...

ArtCommunity is a community aimed at artists and lovers of art in general, focused on the different artistic representations such as painting, architecture, film, dance, design, sculpture, photography, and music.

It is born from the need to create a space that brings together the work of different artists worldwide, so they can share, promote and sell their works to art lovers all around the world.

Our mission and vision

Art Community’s mission is to promote the creation, publication, dissemination and promotion of works of art; besides offering a space for the creators of different artistic representations to make their work known and commercialize it.

Art Community wants to offer artists and art lovers a space of wide coverage in the different areas of artistic creation, in areas such as Architecture, Cinema, Dance, Design, Sculpture, Photography, Music and Painting, and with an excellent service in the Web.

The Art Community vision is to become recognized worldwide as one of the largest spaces on the web to disseminate and promote art in its different representations, and with the greatest number of artists gathered..


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