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Photography is positioned as a form of artistic expression, in which the author seeks to convey some kind of emotion, while reflecting a visually attractive work. This set of elements is known as artistic photography.

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Artistic photography authors

These photographic authors are a reference today, know their technique and most famous works and get inspired for your next photographs.

Man Ray

This photographer from the United States was one of the first to express different concepts with a camera and an object or person. One of his most famous photographs is The music of the female body, which formed the artistic movement with Dalí or Picasso, allowing himself to be influenced by surrealism through portraits and photographs of the bodies of men and women.


Another famous artistic photographs’s authors is Munkacsi, a Hungarian photographer who, through art, captured a different vision of an era of wars and conflicts. In each photograph he captured movement, happiness, dancing, love and beauty, as a way of protesting the massacres of war. Thanks to this he is a worldwide reference in photography.

Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries is an English photographer who seeks to show his vision of the homeless people from America to the last corner of Europe, and has done so for years, portraying them in a different way, full of life. The portraits that Lee shows to the world, are mostly black and white, natural.

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Elementos de la fotografía artística

Do you know what you should keep in mind to improve the quality of your photographs? Read these tips and make sure you use each item for your photos

Artistic Vision

Although in the artistic photography the vision is very subjective, is this the one that takes the main roll. To make a photo you must express a message, idea, feeling or emotion. The intention of the photographer or his desire is manifested; this is what will give you the main concept, beyond what is seen at a glance.

Photographic Technique

For artistic photography you need technique, training, experience, observation criteria and creativity of the person who makes the photo. With this set of elements, the photographic artist seeks a specific objective that is based on provoking an emotion in society.

The light

In photographic composition, and especially in artistic photography, light is one of the most important elements to enhance in detail what we want to show. Lighting plays a leading role, considering that it allows the viewer to perceive the emotions of photography.

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