The best collection of art courses, made by contemporary artists for you.

What is EduArt?

It is a teaching and learning space for our artists and art lovers. Enjoy this experience with EduArt, and discover much more of the wonderful world of art in its different representations. In EduArt you can train in the areas of Painting, Architecture, Cinema, Dance, Design, Sculpture, Photography and Music, with step-by-step explanatory tutorials, diversity concepts and much more.

For our Art Lovers

In EduArt you can live the experience of learning more about art from the hand of our artists, with totally free online classes, so you can broaden your knowledge in the different artistic areas and also, get to know more about their work.

For our Artists

¡Share your knowledge with the world! EduArt is the space where our artists can give online classes in different areas of art, through explanatory videos where users will learn much more about this wonderful world.

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