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Are you a digital design artist?

Digital design is based in create, programme and show a visual message in order to communicate it and look for a concrete response in specific social groups. It is the art of capturing in a graphic and digital way an idea, values, feelings.

In Artcommunity we decided to focus on those people who want to show their proposals, create a community and freely display their designs.

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Tools for Digital Design

If you are interested in the world of digital design and want to know the tools that will allow you to enhance your work, read this post:



Adobe Photoshop is a graphic editor, specialized in photography, digital images and the different design disciplines (such as web design, digital styling, editing, video graphics, etc.). Currently, Photoshop has become an application used for many types of artistic expressions, in addition to design, digital drawings, photography as a tool to process and improve the material.



Adobe Illustrator is a graphic vector editing tool, focused on creating drawings and digital paintings, illustrations and graphic design. It is also characterized for being one of the most practical, comfortable and functional applications as a work table, since it has effective options that allow to draw free forms, maneuver objects and perform various zoom levels to optimize the visualization.



InDesign is one of the most useful applications for digital design, since it seeks to improve the creation of the professional compositions of the pages.

This tool for the creation of digital graphic elements gives a solution to the world of graphic design since it accumulates most of the functions of the programs already known in one.

Famous Designers

Learn about the trajectory of these designers, let yourself be inspired by their work and improve your results…

Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser

This American illustrator and designer, born in New York, is recognized worldwide for his work for albums and books. He is the creator of more than 300 posters, including Bob Dylan, publications of Paris Macht, La Vanguardia, Esquire; logos like the famous “I Love New York”, etc.

This avant-garde designer is an inspiration for the guild for its collaborative expression and creation of visual culture.


Stefan Sagmeister

This Austrian designer is the creator and art director of Sagmeister, Inc; also awarded a Grammy for his work. Unlike many designers, who seek to harmonize fonts and abstract logical forms, Stefan appeals for the harshness in their designs.

He has come to work with great personalities such as: The Rolling Stones, Mariko Mori and Lou Reed, for their ability to attract looks and impact. No doubt Stefan Sagmeister became one of the most valued designers today.


David Carson

A passionate about design, which goes against the norms of sobriety, harmony and symmetry. Since the 90s, his work as a designer seeks to reflect chaos and freedom.

Some of his best works were with Ray Gun magazine, with a grunge style, crude, punk with a grotesque, deformed and unclear touch. This puts the viewer in a challenge, where he has to make an effort to clarify the message he transmits in each work.

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